Q: I Just Got My Order And Theres A Spelling Mistake What Can You Do?

A: Not a lot of engraving can  be rubbed out or changed or added to. Thats why you must check your spelling and then check it again!! even better get someone else to check it as well. We do not Check Or change the way you spell words.Our computer takes the words you enter as you have spelt them so we do not make any mistakes
We can not replace or refund items were you have made a mistake all you can do is reorder and pay again.

Q. How will engraving be formatted & look ?

A. Engraving will be centered from left to right and top to bottom. Spacing between lines will depend on the Item you have chosen and the number of engraving lines. We will engrave the text exactly as you have entered it we do not check or correct your spelling! Also the text preview shown when entering text is just so you can see what you font selection looks like NOT how it will look engraved. We engrave all quaichs in the bowl unless there is a badge then it gets engraved on the sidewall, if however you would like it engraved on the sidewall please tell us at point of order. Brushed metal items the engraving will be a lot lighter than items with a high polished finish.In essence we will engrave your gift on any part of the item you would like engraved. 

Q. Do you engrave Logos

A. Yes we do but it is best to contact us regarding logo engraving

Q. I would like a different font to the fonts i can select.

A. We have 1000s of fonts we can engrave give us a call or email we always do our best to meet your needs

Q. Can You Engrave Photos?

A. Yes we Do give us a call or email

Q. I need a large number of items do you give discount?

A. We do discount and depends on just how many you need discounts start at orders over £500

Q. Can you do monograms

A.Yes we can give us a call

Q. Can you engrave my own design

A Yes we can but there may be a small extra charge but only a few £s

Q. Can you engrave my text in a circle

A Yes We can but it will depend on the item you want engraving.

Q: I do not like the personalised item i have bought can i get a refund or exchange?

A: No is the simple answer items only items that have not been personalised can be returned